Calculate your current name number in numerology

Well since Pythagorean numerology is not accurate (Pythagoras knew he’d become famous if he mainstreamed a brand of numerology).. Chaldean stems from ancient Babylonia and is in it’s original format. So along with the first poster, I will also agree.

A,I, Q, J, Y=1


C,G,S, L=3






[The reason that 9 is not used is because it is the most pure number in numerology and 9 cannot be represented by one letter alone. It can only be kept when it is the final result of calculation. 9 is actually created from other numbers. 9 is pure energy.

--[Additional Info] In religious texts, there is a reference to 666 which we have probably all heard. The number of beast.. Hmm.. Well, if you do a simple numerology calculation of adding 6+6+6 together you get an end result of 18. Add these together and you get 9 because of 1 + 8. So 9 is the true “number of man’